Goigoi Privacy Policy
Goigoi is an Android App for learning Japanese.
Developer: Digory Doolittle
Goigoi does not collect or share any user data. In fact, the Goigoi app does not even require the app privilege to contact any server at all.
  • Goigoi does not currently ask the user for feedback, ratings or filling out any surveys.
  • Goigoi does not inspect or use any personal data, including phone number or contacts.
  • Goigoi does not contact any servers, neither its home server nor any third-party servers.
  • Goigoi does not launch or contact any other apps other than the standard web browser. A web browser is launched only if a user navigates from the description of a Japanese words to one of the linked online Japanese dictionaries such as jisho.org or wiktionary.org. The web browser is not integrated in Goigoi, thus Goigoi does not have any means to collect or inspect data from the site visited.
  • Goigoi does not handle or request any sensitive user data.
  • Since no data is collected, there is no need for a data retention or deletion policy.

In the future, Goigoi may gather the following data:

  • Goigoi may be extended so users can add their own Japanese words to the app. This vocabulary data will be stored on the device. Users may choose to export their vocabulary data to CSV, for transfering it to a computer. The feature is not yet available.
  • The developer may be interested in how Goigoi is used by its users. In particular, Goigoi may have a counter for each page and feature, and frequently submit this data to the home server digorydoo.ch for analysis. For instance, if the collected data shows that a particular feature is never used, this may indicate that users are not aware of the feature, or that the feature should be improved. To help analysing this data, the data may be associated with an id (unique identifier generated when the app is installed). The feature has not yet been implemented.